i just had an episode where i started to dissociate and my partner’s immediate response was to just to sit there and begin to spiral across from me…which made me furious that he was adding fuel to my own spiral instead of helping me and so i split and started to think that he is bad for me…he eventually comforted me once i managed to get out the words “help me” but went off on him once i was better about the normal reaction should’ve been to comfort me…now i just feel bad but also still mad and i don’t know if it’s valid to feel both?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Sunshine.Moondust


    I think it’s completely valid to be upset that his immediate reaction wasn’t to comfort you, our partners are supposed to help and support us.

  • D3stiny


    This happened to me once but it was because my partner didn’t really understand my bpd. But once I explained it to her and when she witnessed it again she began to understand how to comfort me like ignore when I lash out at her and a couple minutes later I would apologize and she would forgive me because she knows it’s my fault. If this happens again I would say to explain to your partner how your bpd affects you and what he should do instead of that

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