So on July 4th, I jumped up and landed on the side of my foot before hitting the ground entirely. At first I thought I just sprained it so I wore a brace and took pain meds -- I went for a doctor's appointment last week and had it x-rayed while there. She said I had fractured the side of a metatarsal and put me in a cam boot. I called to ask how long I was meant to wear the boot and they said that the radiologist had cleared me to not wear it. The problem is I'm at four weeks after the fall and my foot hurts just as bad, even worse sometimes. The swelling and bruising went away but it doesn't feel any better and walking without the boot causes pain to shoot up my leg after a while. Should I get a second opinion? There has to be something wrong there

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  • rj.crow


    Yeah I’d definitely get a second opinion there. If it still hurts, have it checked again, and maybe keep the boot until then if it’s helping with the pain.

  • mimikuku


    Oh goodness I know this pain too well! I would see a podiatrist if possible!!

    • Frejya


      I'm definitely gonna find a specialist

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