If you have lost weight how do you recommend going about losing?

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • StephRN21


    I ended up having to have weight loss surgery in 2013 bc I couldn’t conceive because of PCOS. I didn’t ovulate and my dr said unless I lost 100 lbs or more I may never have any more children. I lost over 100 and have kept it off through 2 additional children but I still had to be on fertility meds for the first and the 2nd came 4 yrs later as a complete accident.

  • foreverblissful101


    I lost 50lbs. I am recently diagnosed with PCOS but lost the weight because that was when my insulin resistance was at it's worst (at the time I also didn't have an official medical diagnosis for my insulin either still don't because I got it under control already). Honestly #1 is changing your diet. Diet helps short term to control your active blood sugar/insulin levels which in turn can affect your hormones. I ate high protein, moderate complex carb, low fat. Also ensured my carb sources were all complex carbs with the exception of my beloved white rice for dinner. Exercise is secondary. It's more so to help burn a little bit more calories, but it also can help regulate blood sugar and insulin as well as a more longer term strategy. I recommend doing strength training to build muscle not just cardio. Cardio makes weight loss super hard to maintain and if you do too much can actually raise your cortisol levels which signals your body to keep/store more fat. Not gonna lie a lot of losing weight is also grit (not saying that if you weren't successful in the past you didn't have that, but even outside of PCOS the body just hates losing weight. So now us having PCOS makes it that much harder.) But my biggest thing too was if your insulin resistant or have hypoglycemic episodes like I did to get that under control. That's why as I said above I focused on lower glycemic index foods.

    • evergreen12


      I was thinking in my mind "bam! I love what this person has to say" and then I realized that I just +1 on your other comment in another thread! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us!

  • foreverblissful101


    @evergreen12 aw thank you! It's been a lot of blind treating my PCOS. A lot of doctors ignoring me, telling me it's all in my head so it's a blessing and a curse. I probably would have been put on so many different medications had they diagnosed me earlier and been discouraged from losing weight feeling hopeless but was forced to learn on my own because I literally felt like I was going to die young

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