heyy BPD side of alike...
how do i stop myself from being dependent and obsessive over a person?? I hate the term "favourite person/fp" it feels so weird and manipulative so id rather not refer to this person as that. Ive been like this towards this person for a very long time ((but its been super inconsistent/on-and-off)) and i wish i could just stop feeling this way. idk.

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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • SpickleManIckle


    Hey! For me it helps to do things that I know are my own things I enjoy. It helps me detach my personality from theirs in my mind. It’s really hard and it takes time but it works. To be able to do this you have to be self aware of this attachment and be able to communicate with that person and put yourself back in front.

  • T02


    Ive had this issue for a while with various people and my best solution is to spread that feeling to other ppl in a way..? Like my friend group as a whole is my.. lets call it "hyperfixation person"? Its 3 people and i can interact with each one individually and it eases any of the bad side of experiencing this Hope this makes more sense than it does in my half asleep brain

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