What do you do to prevent sensory overload?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Zoru


    I use grounding techniques, like the 54321 method. Sometimes it will still happen, but grounding myself and reassuring that it's okay and i'm okay tends to help me out a bit.

  • bugboy


    Whenever i can, i try to step away and stim really hard to get the frustration/overwhelmingness out. (i.e shaking hands, pacing, head shaking, etc.) even if its for just 2 minutes and usually be mindful of my breathing at the same time to kinda calm my nervous system. Sometimes it works better than others so im still working on it.

  • Emmy8


    I wear earplugs called downbeats.

  • AshandFyre


    I wear overhead headphones that are noise canceling to sort of tune down or down out the thongs that stress me out the most.

  • Jolene


    I would say find somewhere that’s quiet and try to take deep breaths while you can that always helps me

  • Carolm


    Step away, take a break, breathe

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