I find it so hard to talk to people anymore and I feel like I get really angry and scared around people, I don't know very many of my triggers and I don't know what to do

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

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  • JadinTB


    figuring out your Triggers is so important, I recommend you make a list of things that may be Triggers, and start to pay attention see if there new ones or anything. its a process.

  • Or


    I can relate to this. Figuring out triggers is helpful especially for preparing for anything socially. Through therapy and such, figuring out what my symptoms are, what they are doing to my mind/body and why helps me in the moment to identify what is just a symptom. It doesn’t really mean I shouldn’t pay attention to my feelings, but it helps me sort out the moment when I feel some kind of way in a social situation. Also working on other parts of your mental health is important. Something I have learned is that it’s ok for me to be experiencing what I am. When I am home alone I let myself experience the emotions. It’s important to fight being ashamed.

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