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  • KitKat723


    I take adderal myself which is a stimulant medication. Ritalin is also a stimulant and i think is more commonly used in younger people. There are also some non stimulant medications such as straterra and clonidine. I've never tried these but if i remember correctly my doctor says it doesn't give the same energy boost as the stimulants. Which one works best all depends on your personal situation which a doctor can help you find out! I'm no professional, this is just what i remember and might not be entirely accurate, but i double checked my facts online before i posted so it should be close at least! Hope this helps!

  • Leo_Yanofsky


    i take vyvanse

  • steph27


    i was diagnosed with adhd at a very young age and took ritalin for about 15 years and it worked great for me. i have now gotten to the point where i can make it through the day without it, but i am still very hyper all the time and can’t pay attention lol

  • Wiseeyez


    I have been diagnosed with ADD recently, and prescribed Methylphenidate for ADD (morning) , Bupropion (morning) for low sexual motivation, sertraline for anxiety (morning), clonapazepam for sleep induction (night).

  • KickIt17


    I took Ritalin for two weeks and it didn’t work for me so I switched to Adderall. I’ve been taking it for a little over a year now and it’s been working great for me.

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