how did yall overcome your mental health

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Fatimah


    I listen to music and dance. It helps

  • Amelia1998


    I started a new hobby! I have a big fish tank I love to fool with. My dog also helps me feel better too, he always snuggles up to me on my bad days 🐶

  • zoishrimp


    seeking professional assistance is always an amazing option, but sadly many people can not access it. explore what makes you most comfortable and try engaging your mind in something new :)

  • Witchygirl


    I paint. It really helps. You can paint your feelings

  • Evan


    i tried to spend more time around people to help with my self esteem issues, and then i try my best to counteract negative thoughts by writing them down and recognizing why they're wrong, and then doing something i enjoy :)

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