is your IBS miserable? I can't eat or drink anything without pooping. help!

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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  • Supernova75


    I have IBS-d this is what’s helped me. Google Heathers Tummy Tamers. They’re pills of ginger, fennel, and peppermint. They really helped me. In fact look at heathers website. She has a line of tummy teas and tummy soluble fiber that help as well. I’m not affiliated at all. I also eat yogurt everyday with flaxseeds and chia seeds for fiber and I take several probiotics (a live liquid one and a pill). Google probiotics for IBS there’s a lot out there. Finally there’s a powder called Terra Origin Healthy gut I take for attacks. You can get it on Amazon.

  • angel123


    I take terra origin “healthy gut “ too I think I saw a coupon recently also

  • angel123


  • angel123


    Found a 20% code , hope it still works

  • BakerStreetMuse


    Yogurt does seem to help. A coworker once said to me "You're like the birds, man. Every time you eat, you poop." Everything I eat goes through my digestive tract within 20 minutes. I'll have to try the Terra Origin sometime.

  • AbbieSlay


    yep. after every meal follows a trip to the bathroom!

  • depresso


    I just started lotronex. It is working pretty good .

  • Elks


    Oh 100% 😞 I also worry about going anywhere because of the constant worry I'm going to need to use the bathroom

  • Yufufu


    Hey I know this is random but what flavor do you guys suggest is the best for Terra Origin health gut?

  • junovesta


    yes i have severe ibs it's from drinks foods & stress sometimes i have full fledge panic attacks on the toilet from the hot flashes and pain

  • mynewfriend


    My anxiety about leaving the house b/c of IBS can be debilitating. I carry pooppourri in my purse in case I have a 'poopsplosion' in a public place. It helps with the smell. The low FODMAP diet and reintroduction process has helped tremendously, that and Sunfiber dietary supplement and the Bifido Digest probiotic - both are very gentle. The FODMAP approach is time consuming and tedious but well worth the effort.

  • Barrfamily


    I take generic bentyl and eat vegan yogurt

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