Is it normal to have extreme lows(almost suicidal) as pms instead of being a little bit sad?

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  • bomb


    i’m pretty sure it’s common enough but not a good sign? hopefully you can get some sort of treatment or find a solution..

  • Grey0624


    I am going to treatment soon but I have to finish my testing done

  • FloralBrewer


    For me it’s extremely normal bc my pain levels raise during PMS, and when you’re in pain you can’t clearly think. I think it’s easy for pms emotions to turn to suicidal ideation or intrusive thoughts in that time. If you have those thoughts or have plans to act please talk to someone and take steps to ensure your safety during that time.

  • JBug7677


    It gets really bad for me. I have crazy mood swings, but my lows stick around a lot longer than the highs. I deal with SI a lot but it's definitely worse around the beginning of my period, then when I start, it's like it's lifted from me. You're pretty young, so I would suggest telling your doctor how you feel. My sister gets my nieces the depo shot to help them but there's lots of side effects and precautions with it. For me, I wish I could find a doctor who would just let me get it all taken out because every month is just even more of a reminder that I don't have and will never have kids. There are options...just talk to your doctor honestly.

  • Nocturne


    I think that has a name but I can’t remember it off the top of my head. It’s a legit thing tho and you can get treatment and help for it I believe.

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