How do I keep myself from mistreating my partner when I'm experiencing blind rage, intense depression, disinterest in the relationship, or just any sort of extreme emotion...? I'm 3 months postpartum, waiting for my appointment to get back on meds. I feel out of control/entirely apathetic sometimes & it seems all I can do is just walk away/leave the situation.

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  • alyssuuhhh


    Thank you both. ❤️ I'll definitely look into the book recommendation.

  • babycakes


    i think stepping back and setting boundaries is really important. remind your partner how much you love and appreciate them, but you are having trouble regulating your actions/emotions and may need space occasionally, until medication comes to save you. perhaps come up with a certain word or phrase that you can say when you’re in a bad spot, so it’s easy to let them know you need space or gentleness. it’s best to come up with such a phrase when you are feeling more stable. that way, you don’t have to explain yourself in the moment, as that can be frustrating or difficult to explain. communication is key here, everything will work out okay ❤️

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