recently my doctor and I've had a conversation about what can help decrease the amount of migraines I get. My doctor noted that I drink caffeine something with caffeine in it or coffee, to help. But like anything I have to be careful of how much I drink because it can also cause migraines for me.


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  • Soskae


    Because caffeine is a vasodilator your body can become dependent on it so when you don’t have it your vessels constrict and can cause painful migraines. If caffeine dependency is what’s causing your migraines then weaning off it should stop them. I initially thought mine were caffeine dependent so I cut it out of my diet but that unfortunately wasn’t the cause for me. I still have to be careful not to develop a dependency but a little bit can help during some migraines but it’s a very fine balance to use it medicinally and not create an addiction.

    • Clardia


      well, for the longest time I didn't drink caffeine, and I had migraines. So I think it's my genetics being so mixed that it counters itself sometimes.

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