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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Ironrain


    I was on psych meds since 3 and I've found that for me personally not being on medication and practicing methods to distract and calm me as well as finding something to "control" has helped a lot. For me the control aspect is a mix between my finch self care pet app Ziggy, my cat, my plants and sometimes the appearance of the things around me and myself

  • mikl_pls


    So far I'm in EMDR therapy and it's sort of "stirring things around" a bit so to speak, as in things are having to get worse before the can get better. But I see noticeable progress.

  • Marcaroni


    I have found DBT (talk therapy) to be extremely helpful, but I understand that is unfortunately not always available. I find music really helps regulate my moods. If I find myself in an extreme rage episode or depressive episode, I put in my earphones and give myself 10 minutes to just listen. It doesn’t fix it by any means, but just that period of waiting and focusing on something else prevents me from doing something harmful for that time.

  • Dhadhu


    The based treatment for bpd is counseling..specifically dbt based counseling. I searched on Psychologytoday site for a counselor that works with the conditions I have and the treatment I need. There are filters for it when you search. It's the best treatment for it. I also was prescribed lamictal for my bpd to help with my mood from adhd and bpd. Unfortunately they couldn't increase the dose enough for me because I had a weird adverse reaction. But instead to help my mood I ended up going to the gym with personal training and having nutrition counseling which was available there as well which helped alot. It was more of the people there who have adhd and anxiety etc and it's a small gym and it's very close knit. That helped because I was outside my house and exercising and getting sunlight and talking to people(I only talk to them there and not outside the gym) and I was eating better and the accountability. I mean it was a reason to get out of the house and get ready every morning otherwise they will call or text asking where I was.❤️ But primarily I recommend finding a counselor or therapist that works for you. It make take a few tries because it took me a few tries but it's really helpful.

  • BorderlineBrain


    Medication is the only thing so far that has actually made a lasting impact on my disorder

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