I've been recently diagnosed with bipolar! Also I'm a college student and a musician.

I had a bad experience with my first medication and am worried about continuing.

Bipolar Disorder



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  • JollyJordan


    Don't be discouraged. New meds are a hit or miss its whether or not you can handle the side effects. May I ask what med you're taking?

  • FrankieFrog


    I was taking Lamotrigine @JollyJordan

  • Squishy


    Definitely don’t get discouraged! The right medicine for you is out there. Just might take some time to find it 😊

  • phlox


    Don’t get discouraged. Misdiagnosed with MDD for 6 years before they finally listened to me when I said “IM NOT OKAY” even on an antidepressant(a max dose). Had been going in frequently for recurrent depressive episodes. Finally got screened for BP.Antidepressants don’t treat BP. Got diagnosed with BP, reacted to the first med with stevens Johnson’s syndrome. After hating life for several years, thought I found an answer, the med didn’t work for me(lamictal), got put on gabapentin next. Six months after being diagnosed BP finally found a mood stabilizer that works. I’m finding peace in life. Even the psychiatrist said he was sorry, that all of these meds take a LONG time to figure if they work and to kick in if they do. Stay tough.

  • Buzzy


    Im also a college student and artist :)

  • ASulSul


    It's taken me literal years to find the right med combo, but once you do it's so worth it

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