I️ was diagnosed with BPD when I️ was 18, but at the time I️ was still on narcotics (and abusing them) for my RSD, and that’s where my outbursts were coming from. I️’m really starting to think that I️ was misdiagnosed, as I️ find that I️ fit Bipolar II MUCH more, I’ve never related to people in BPD Facebook groups I’m in, and even when I️ joined this app, I️ didn’t relate to any of the BPD posts, however when I️ changed it to Bipolar II out of curiosity, it was like looking in a mirror.
The issue is that the current person doing my psych med management is utterly incompetent, to the point that I️ genuinely don’t trust her, and she’s an NP anyway. she isn’t a psychiatrist or even an APRN. I️ haven’t been able to find ANYONE in my area accepting new patients that have medical marijuana cards. They’ll either only write medical cards, or won’t do med management if you have one.

I️ was just wondering if anyone had experience with realizing you may have been misdiagnosed for years with no idea, and how did you go about bringing it up with your doctor?

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

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  • Skwittles_22


    You know you best. Doctors don’t know everything. If they refuse to listen - find someone else. Praying for you.

  • MaggieQuinn


    Thank you ❤️ I️ had to do the research myself to find out that long term use of narcotics causes hyperalgesia, which is hell for people with RSD. Doctors make a LOT of mistakes. Sometimes I️ feel like a guinea pig they’re testing on.

  • Skwittles_22


    Sadly doctors aren’t perfect - the human body is incredibly complicated! (I’m an RN BSN)

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