i am 10/10 convinced i have autisim, i had an autistic friend tell me i'm "worse" than him, i fit into most traits/symptoms, and i feel like it makes the most sense for me. should i do something? my worst fear is asking my psych and she completely disagrees.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Frankiee


    If you think your autistic and you have most traits you probably are. I had a phycologist tell me i wasnt and it was just anxiety however now im diagnosed with autism. Look into your childhood if you’re second guessing it you may not show obvious signs as a child as you may have been masking etc but you will see some if you look deeply. Hope it all goes well and i would definitely talk about it maybe write down your traits to show them. 💗

  • MissWilwarin


    If you truly believe you’re autistic, then there’s no reason to see a doctor to get tested. It would just be a waste of time & money. And like you said, they could potentially disagree which would cause a lot of issues

  • Autemi


    I had this fear too. If there are accommodations for you if you were diagnosed or if closure means a lot to you then I would consider asking about it. I really wanted closure so I did it. Maybe ask her if she specializes in autism?

  • Eren2273


    If you want to get tested, you should, but you don't have to! Unfortunately, with women, diagnosis is more uncommon because most doctors won't take it seriously if it's a woman

    • JustSmegs


      this is the most frustrating yet true thing i’ve seen all day

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