anyone else find that they sublux (and dislocate) a lot of their joints a lot in their sleep? i wake up and have to pop everything back into place lol

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  • tallgirl22


    Yes! Most of my recent (in the last few years) dislocations have happened while I’m asleep! It’s so frustrating because I’m usually not alert enough to properly put things back in place and end up hurting myself.

  • Touch_of_Grey


    All of the time! I had to come up with a system to keep myself stable at night: a thin, flat, pillow between the legs helps keep my hips stable... and having a pile of blankets in front of me and to the side of my head so that my arms can flop around without having the room to hyperextend

  • Alux


    yeah i think mine is just filling in random things now bc i definitely didn’t tag memory loss…. at least i don’t remember tagging memory loss???

  • medusozoa


    YES SO MUCG it's terrible :/ try sleeping with braces if you can! it helps me a lot

  • Keeby


    Every night 😥

  • ruayourboat


    I woke up with my jaw out a few weeks ago and the weeks following that trying to heal were hellish!!😂

  • Foxtail


    Woke up with a subluxed rib today

  • Bibble


    Yes this happens to me a lot. At it's peak, i wore elbow supports to bed to stop it from happening so if that would help you, give it a go :)

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