hi everyone, i'm jay. i'm 22 and i've been on escitalopram, bupropion, and gabapentin for about 4 years now. i feel like they've stopped working. i stopped seeing my therapist a while ago because my work hours vary week by week so it was hard to schedule appointments and it stressed me out so i just stopped answering my therapist's messages. i'm constantly ghosting my friends and people trying to help and justifying it to myself by saying "i'm stressed and overwhelmed with life, they'll understand" even though rationally i still know it's selfish of me to just not say anything to anyone. i work 5-6 days a week during the day and after work i don't want to talk to anyone i just want to 🌿💨 and curl up in bed. i feel awful and my best friend is currently very rightfully mad at me because i haven't been opening her messages. i don't have the energy to explain it to her, and i don't feel the motivation to find energy. i didn't mean to type this much my bad. if anyone has any questions about the medications i'd be happy to answer them best i can 😁🤙🏻





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  • Swift


    Hi Jay! Can you see a psychiatrist to revisit your medication? Also, it might be worth looking into online therapy services like BetterHelp to manage the hours - since you can schedule the appointment weekly and over text. I know things are bleak right now, but I'm sure they'll get better again in time 🤗

  • AnimalBoy


    It sounds like you built up a tolerance to them and need your dosage adjusted. My biggest issue with Gabapentin is that I can only use it intermittently or I build a tolerance after like 6mo so I'd bet 4 years is definitely enough time to normally build a tolerance. It also kind of sounds like your job is putting enough stress on you that it's making your social life suffer, if it's fine while you're on medication than once it's adjusted it'll probably go back to how it was before you built a tolerance and if you'd like to keep this job you can probably find an alternative mental health care set up that is easier to manage. Otherwise I'd suggest considering looking for a job that's better for you tbh it sounds like it's impacting your health a lot and kind of like you're suffering from burnout from it

  • DoctorDirtxX


    Are you me? Seriously, everything you said is exactly what I'm going through except for my friends arent angry at me. I almost feel like the fact that your best friend is angry at you is better than her just ignoring you because it shows that she still cares. I specifically ignore people because I'm terrified of any sort of conflict so I'm wondering if you have the same thing? Either way I agree with the others that I recommend changing your medication or changing the dose because I was the same way with my Zoloft doing nothing for me despite several panic attacks and I talked to my doctor and now I doubled my dose and also have Xanax for when I'm actually having attacks. Just might be something to look into

  • Justinradio


    Hi! One thing ive learned throughout my journey is that combo and dosing specifically is extremely important sometimes a higher dose can do the trick

  • Carolinegaudet


    I relate hardcore to this. I was on my medication for a few years, and within the past few months, it just stopped working, even though I was on the max dose. I also tend to self-sabotage when I’m struggling and cut ties with people who I know are really trying to help me. Hope things get better for you❤️

  • Mommabear74


    I love gabapentin I also take Wellbutrin and Lexapro but I’m so tired am the time I barley have the energy to make it through the day sometimes it sucks life is crappy for those of us who suffer from multiple issues both physically and mentally and being low income in a high income state is very depressing!

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