All day yesterday I just laid around and did nothing, but in the evening I wanted to make myself feel real again so I painted a big canvas from 9pm to 1am and today I feel like I can actually do stuff and like I’m a person again. I just wanted to share this with everyone here! For me, painting helps but maybe you have something else that works the same way. If you can have a few hours off to do something, I would highly recommend doing some form of art!

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Kaylaaa


    I'm the same way but with coloring! I love coloring to help me get out of the real world for a few hours and express myself with that creative outlet!

  • Ruchama


    Thanks. I needed to hear this. I'm a musician, and I know I feel better when I play music, but it's so hard to get myself to do it when I'm struggling with basic things so much. I'm gonna carve out some time for that. ❤️

  • Dot


    I love singing, so sometimes I do karaoke in my room when I feel similarly!

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