hello :) i was recently prescribed prazosin for nightmares and terrors. i know medicin affects everyone differently, but i’m am so anxious to take it. i’ve had rough experiences with other sleep/anxiety meds so i’m really hesitant. just wanted to hear about anyone else’s experience or advice

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  • packersfan95


    Prazosin has helped my nightmares immensely! I used to have panic attacks all the the time and wake up with them but now I can sleep through the night and I don’t have nightmares.

  • sneak


    I felt no difference tbh. But that’s just my brain. It’s different for everyone.

  • KaelaAnn


    I take it and it helps me alot I rarely had nightmares now but when I do it's horrible because it's like the med didn't do it's job that night but that's once in a blue moon that happens I sleep better and just have more pleasant dreams while on it depends on the person though and how you handle things

  • barbosa


    hey! I’ve tried this and it worked for a little while because it put me into such a deep sleep i didn’t even have dreams or at least ones that i remembered. However, after a couple weeks it felt like it was wearing off or like my body was too used to it and it stopped. But don’t be scared to try it because really nothing can be worse than what you are already experiencing and maybe it will help! 💕

  • huh


    It took out my nightmares and flashbacks for the first couple months, need an adjustment now but it's a life saver and I've not noticed many side effects if any

  • hails711


    I used it for a couple weeks, but I had to stop because it lowered my blood pressure, causing me to sometimes black out in the mornings when I got up.

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