Do any of you also deal with panic disorder? If so, how does that affect your BPD, specifically when dealing with other people?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • shykitty


    My bpd can trigger panic attacks. I need a recharge period for being social.

  • Greenery


    Anxiety drives me nuts. My anxiety is very over-exaggerated. In situations I worry about stuff that is practically irrational. This is because of my BPD and affects my BPD too. I had so many issues in school because of it. I would snap at teachers and classmates. Pretty much the worst combination. But it takes patience and the ability to stay calm to deal with it. I took up meditation to help me with it!

  • D3stiny


    At times of the rage episodes are really bad I get really bad anxiety and panic attacks on the situation. It’s to the point that I constantly live in fear because I don’t want the person to get annoyed with me

  • Eddyy


    I have frequent panic attacks. My bpd brain will tell me that my favourite person was dead or was about to leave me, and the constant anxiety is absolutely overwhelming.

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