Is there a way that I can keep my diet in check?

Iron Deficiency Anemia

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    Dieting is really hard for a lot of people. Something almost all dietitians/nutritionalists and doctors suggest is keeping a log. This can help especially at the beginning until you yourself identify what is and isn’t best for your health. — the thing that helped me the most in my family is having my own shelf in the pantry. This is where all my ingredients and snacks go. It’s a quick and easy way to grab something that I already know is in my diet.— the last thing I would suggest is being careful while going out. Your topic is for anemia so I’m under the impression the diet you are talking about is just integrating iron into your diet but there are other forms of anemia I don’t know about so just in case. I found that for my diet the hardest part was hanging out with friends who like to go out to eat. I would either prevent this step by choosing something else to do or offering a place that I know had food I can eat. — Hope this helps in any way! Remember the first two weeks are the hardest and after the first month you will find your body adapting and enjoying the new diet as long as the diet is truly made and geared towards your health. Good luck!

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