has anyone actually tried d.b.t for their borderline? if so hows it working out

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • LadyAyy


    My therapist specializes in dbt! It has been so helpful for me as it is a way to retrain the way you think & act/behave about certain situations. For me, I’m very very emotional & tend to cry over a lot of things. I also get annoyed very easily & take things to heart. So when I’m in a triggering situation, dbt has helped me take a step back & look at the logical way of things rather than the heavily emotional!

    • PotatoBoi


      i appreciate this. Me and my therapist have been doing some skills from dbt. And the stop skill is hands down the top one

  • Missallie


    DBT has been incredibly helpful for me. Therapists for it are extremely perceptive and help you understand your emotions. Skills are also great and can help you in stressful situations. So yes highly recommend DBT for borderline

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