Hi, I’m seeking out anyone’s advice/suggestions for pain relief.
Background conditions & info: fibromyalgia, chronic pain (head, neck, back, shoulders, hips, lower legs, ankles, feet), migraines. I currently have covid and while I generally feel terrible, my muscle pain, in particular, has gotten worse. It was already moderate-severe (depending on the moment), and now it’s pretty much always severe. I use heating pads, and a CBD roll-on stick. I’m also on OTC cold and flu meds, like my doctors office recommended. Pre-having covid, I consistently took CBD capsules for roughly 2 months, but never experienced any pain relief from them. I have also taken two different kinds of CBD gummies a few times and they haven’t helped. Either. I consider CBD oil off and on, but I’ve stayed away from it because I have sensitive tastebuds and sensitive stomach. I am hesitant to spend on something that I could completely throw up, but I would definitely still reconsider CBD oil depending on people’s recommendations. In the past I just haven’t found information that is that helpful to me, so I feel kind of adrift. I also use heating pads regularly. I’m open to pretty much any suggestions (CBD or not), just keep in mind that I have a somewhat limited budget. I really do appreciate anything you take the time to share.

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  • Vidya


    First my disclaimer, I am not a doctor. Do you have a pain management doctor. Sometimes the combination of ibuprofen and Tylenol is better than just one ingredient on its own. Hydration, and general is very very important and sometimes we underestimate that. You may want to look for a derivative of curcumin or turmeric but in a formulation that is very very absorbent nano particles. Right now if you have Covid I’m guessing you’re probably struggling getting anything in. I could say a lot more but I am not comfortable with that on a public forum. I hope you feel better really soon! This might sound ridiculous but try to keep your mind focused on something that you really enjoy. It distracts one from the pain. Lastly, I have found yoga to be a lifesaver for me. Not just the postures, the entire eight limbs including meditation and breath work.

    • catdad22


      Most of these things I didn’t know about, so I really appreciate it. Thanks so much!

      • Vidya


        Wow, thank you so much for your comment as it made me feel like there’s something I could say to possibly help someone. Many blessings to you and getting as comfortable as possible. Ps. Please make sure they check your thyroid

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