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Tenesmus refers to a constant feeling that you have to go to the bathroom, but you can't evacuate. Vesical tenesmus is the persistent feeling that you need to pee, even when you can’t pee anymore.
Vesical tenesmus can be the result of one of the following reasons:
- Bladder stones
- Bladder outlet obstruction
- Neurogenic bladder
- Urinary tract infection
- Prostatic or vaginal inflammation
- Bladder and prostatic cancer

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Your healthcare provider will try to isolate the cause of your vesical tenesmus. They will ask you about your medical history and symptoms. Then, they may conduct a physical examination. Based on the findings you may be referred to further tests such as:
- Blood and urinary tests
- Ultrasound, pelvic X-ray, CT, or MRI scans
- STD panel test
- Cystoscopy
- Colonoscopy


Treatment varies depending on the cause.
If your healthcare provider suspects an infection, your may get antibiotics.
If an inflammation contributes to the tenesmus, steroids or other anti-inflammatory drugs may be the treatment of choice.

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