What is it?

A ventricular septal defect (VSD) is a hole in the ventricular septum, the wall dividing the left and right ventricles of the heart. VSD's are usually congenital (present at birth) and they vary in size. They may be an isolated finding or associated with other conditions.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Membranous ventricular septum defect
- Muscular ventricular septum defect
- Supracristal ventricular septal defect

Signs & symptoms

the clinical presentation of a VSD varies depending upon the size of the defect, and may range from an isolated murmur that is detected incidentally at a health supervision visit to severe heart failure. Infants with small, restrictive VSDs usually do not present any symptoms. In contrast, infants with moderate to large VSDs usually manifest signs of heart failure by three to four weeks of age. common symptoms include:
* Poor feeding (may appear hungry but tires easily; sweats with feeds)
* Poor weight gain
* Difficulty breathing or rapid breathing
* Pale skin coloration


Your doctor will take a complete medical history and listen to you or your baby’s heart through a stethoscope. If they suspect a VSD, an Echocardiography (Ultrasound of the heart) may confirm the diagnosis.


If the VSD is small and not causing any symptoms, your doctor may recommend a wait-and-watch approach to see if the defect corrects itself.
In more severe cases, surgery is required to repair the damage. Surgery may be an open surgery, or it may be done through a catheter inserted into a blood vessel up to the heart.

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