What is it?

Urethral stricture is when a scar in the urethra narrows it and limits the urine flow from the bladder to outside the body. This limitation can lead to various symptoms and complications. That scar can be a result of a long-term usage of a catheter or any other medical procedure involving inserting an instrument to the urethra, urethral or pelvic trauma, enlarged prostate or a surgery to remove it, radiation therapy or sexually transmitted infections. In many cases though, the reason for stricture remains unclear.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Urethral Stricture due to Infection
- Traumatic Urethral Stricture
- Postoperative Urethral Stricture

Signs & symptoms

Symptoms may include bloody urine or semen, bloody or dark urine, pain during urination, abdominal pain, urinary tract infection in men, pain and swelling of the penis, slow or decreased urine stream, sudden, frequent urges to urinate, and loss of bladder control. The most concerning symptom is inability to urinate.


In medical history, doctor will look for the symptoms mentioned. Then, a physical examination, including examination of the penis will be conducted to look for swelling, urethral discharge and measuring of the urethral opening. A urine sample may be taken in order to look for presence of red blood cells or bacteria. Other tests that can help diagnosis are imaging, urethroscopy and a retrograde urethrogram that by using contrast dye, helps see the stricture by X-ray


Treatments include:
Urethral dilation- Dilating or stretching the stricture to treat the symptoms. Urethrotomy- cutting the stricture through a scope. Urethroplasty - surgical reconstruction of the urethra; sometimes using grafts.

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