What is it?

Tungiasis is a cutaneous parasitosis caused by infection with the female sand flea Tunga penetrans.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms suggesting the presence of cutaneous parasitosis are usually Itching and irritation, which start to develop as female fleas become fully developed into engorged state. Inflammation and ulceration may become severe, and multiple lesions in feet can lead to difficulty in walking. Lesions appear usually on plantar, or interdigital regions of the foot, but can also appear in hand, leg, elbow, and buttocks


Diagnosis of Tungiasis is made by inspection and recovering a flea from a lesion.


Treatment of Tungiasis is done with surgical extraction of fleas. In case of an infection, application of a topical antibiotic. Prophylactic treatment against Tetanus should also be considered in some patients.

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