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Tubular breasts, also known as tuberous breasts or breast hypoplasia, is a congenital breast deformity that occurs in approximately 1-5% of women. It is characterized by underdeveloped, elongated, and narrow breasts with a high crease under the nipple.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Tuberous breasts
- Breast hypoplasia

Signs & symptoms

- Enlarged or puffy areola
- High breast crease
- Constricted base of the breast
- Asymmetrical breasts
- Uneven nipple placement
- Poor breast volume
- Narrow, elongated shape of the breast


The diagnosis of tubular breasts is typically based on clinical examination by a healthcare provider. In some cases, imaging tests such as mammography, ultrasound, or MRI may be used to confirm the diagnosis and evaluate breast tissue.


Treatment options for tubular breasts may include breast augmentation with implants, breast lift surgery, or a combination of both. In some cases, tissue expansion or fat grafting may also be used to help reshape the breasts.

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