What is it?

A transverse vaginal septum is a condition in which there is a wall of tissue running horizontally across the vagina.
This wall creates a blockage in the vagina. In most cases, there is a small hole in the wall of tissue that allows menstrual blood to flow out of the body.

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Signs & symptoms

* No monthly periods (amenorrhea)
* Periods that last beyond the normal 4 to 7 day cycle
* Abdominal pain, caused by blood collecting in the upper vagina, the part above the wall


In most cases, a transverse vaginal septum isn't diagnosed until a girl reaches puberty and experiences problems with her period.
Diagnosis starts with a thorough medical history and physical exam and sometimes may include a pelvic exam. Additional testing may include imaging such as ultrasound or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to create pictures of the internal reproductive organs.


Treatment involves surgery to remove the wall of tissue that is blocking the vagina, improving menstrual flow and reducing complications with fertility and pregnancy.

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