What is it?

transient tic disorder is a condition in which a person makes one or many brief, repeated, movements or noises (tics). These movements or noises are involuntary (not on purpose).

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Provisional tic disorder

Signs & symptoms

The child may have facial tics or tics involving movement of the arms, legs, or other areas.
Tics may involve:
* Movements that occur again and again and do not have a rhythm
* An overwhelming urge to make the movement
* Brief and jerky movements that include blinking, clenching the fists, jerking the arms, kicking, raising the eyebrows, sticking out the tongue
* The tics often look like nervous behavior. Tics appear to get worse with stress. They do not occur during sleep.

Sounds may also occur, such as:
* Clicking
* Grunting
* Hissing
* Moaning
* Sniffing
* Snorting
* Squealing
* Throat clearing


The doctor will consider physical causes of transient tic disorder before making a diagnosis. In order to be diagnosed with transient tic disorder, the child must have had tics almost every day for at least 4 weeks, but less than a year.
Other disorders such as anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), uncontrollable movement (myoclonus), obsessive-compulsive disorder, and epilepsy may need to be ruled out.


Doctors recommend that family members do not call attention to the tics at first. This is because unwanted attention may make the tics worse. If the tics are severe enough to cause problems at school or work, behavioral techniques and medicines may help.

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