What is it?

In testicular torsion, the spermatic cord, which brings blood to the scrotum, twists when a testicle rotates. As a result of the reduced blood flow, sudden and often severe pain and swelling result.

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Signs & symptoms

Sudden, severe pain in the scrotum
Swelling of the scrotum
Abdominal pain
Nausea and vomiting
A testicle that's positioned higher than normal or at an unusual angle
Frequent urination


Physical examinations of the scrotum, testicles, abdomen, and groin are often used to diagnose testicular torsion.
Scrotal ultrasound- This type of ultrasound is used to check blood flow. Torsion of the testicle results in reduced blood flow.


Torsion of the testicle requires surgery in order to be corrected. It may be possible for the doctor to untwist the testicle manually (manual detorsion). It's still necessary to undergo surgery to prevent recurrence of torsion in the future.

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