What is it?

The Thyroid is a gland located at the middle of your neck, below Adam’s apple. It produces a hormone called Thyroid Hormone.
A cyst of the thyroid is a fluid filled cavity in the thyroid gland, that can vary in size from small to quite large.
A thyroid cyst is almost always benign.

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Signs & symptoms

Most of the thyroid cysts appears without any symptoms and discovered accidently. Rarely a thyroid cyst can grow rapidly and cause pain of the neck.


Physical exam: your doctor will exam your thyroid gland for any lumps or local pain.
Blood tests:
Thyroid function tests- TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), T3 and T4 (thyroid hormone)
Ultrasound of your gland
Biopsy where a small amount of fluid from your cyst will be obtained and examined under the microscope


Varies depending on cyst size and biopsy results.

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