What is it?

Saddle nose is a condition associated with congenital syphilis but can be associated with other conditions as well.
It is characterized by a loss of height of the nose, because of the collapse of the bridge. In a depressed nasal dorsum, bone, cartilaginous or both components may be involved.

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Signs & symptoms

Patients with saddle-nose deformities may have various degrees of nasal obstruction. When the upper lateral cartilage collapses infer medially and the internal nasal valve narrows, nasal breathing can be impaired.


The first step in evaluating a saddle-nose deformity is to take a complete history and physical examination.
Drugs such as cocaine or heroin should be investigated in patients with nasoseptal perforations.
It is not necessary to undergo a radiologic examination, unless it is required for medicolegal or insurance purposes.


In most cases of saddle-nose deformities, functional and aesthetic deficits are repaired surgically.

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