What is it?

Syndactyly, also known as webbed digits, refers to a congenital defect that affects the baby’s hands and feet. In syndactyly, two or more of the baby’s fingers or toes are fused together, having a "web" between them. Polysyndactyly refers to another condition in which the baby has more than 5 fingers, and they are fused together. This condition is more common in males, in white people, and those who have a family history of syndactyly. It is one of the most common birth defects, and in half of the cases it occurs bilaterally. It is caused due to a genetic mutation which is more common in disorders such as Trisomy 13, Apert syndrome and Poland syndrome.

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Signs & symptoms

Syndactyly’s only symptom is having two or more digits connected together.


Diagnosis is based upon findings on physical examination when the baby is born. It can also be diagnosed in a prenatal US.


Syndactyly is usually treated with a surgical procedure to separate the fused digits. After surgery, they might need treatment with a splint or a cast to support the separated fingers.

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