What is it?

A subdural hematoma occurs when blood collects on your brain’s surface, beneath the dura mater, a thick layer that surrounds the brain. this may cause an increase in the pressure inside the skull, which in turn can cause compression of and damage to delicate brain tissue
Subdural hematomas are either acute or chronic.
Acute subdural hematomas commonly form because of a severe head injury. They form quickly and the symptoms appear immediately.
Chronic subdural hematomas may develop due to a mild or repeated head injury, usually in older people that tend to fall. Some chronic subdural hematomas occur with no apparent cause.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Charcot's arthropathy due to syringomyelia

Signs & symptoms

Acute subdural hematomas cause symptoms right away. However, people with chronic subdural hematomas may have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.
Common symptoms of a subdural hematoma are:
* confusion or disorientation
* slurred speech
* loss of consciousness or coma
* seizures
* headaches
* weakness
* nausea and vomiting
* visual problems


Subdural hematomas can be easily diagnosed with a head CT or MRI scan.


An acute subdural hematoma is treated in the operating room with A surgical procedure called a craniotomy, in which your surgeon removes a part of your skull in order to access the clot or hematoma and remove it.
A chronic subdural hematoma can usually be treated with a burr hole – drainage of the hematoma through small holes your surgeon creates in your skull.
Your doctor may also prescribe anti-seizure medications to treat or prevent seizures that might be caused by the hematoma, Corticosteroids to reduce inflammation in the brain, or other medications to reduce high pressure inside the skull.

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