What is it?

Tight or stiff shoulders may occur as a result of stress, tension, sleeping positions, injury, sitting for long periods or overuse. Frozen shoulder refers to a condition which is characterized by stiffness and pain of the shoulder. It is also called adhesive capsulitis. It happens due to thickening of the capsule encasing the bones, ligaments and tendons of the shoulder. It is more common in people who do not move their arm for a long period, for example after having a surgery.

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Additional names

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms may include pain, limited range of motion, stiffness, and difficulty moving the shoulder.


Diagnosis is based upon findings from medical history and physical examination. Further evaluation may include imaging tests of the shoulder.


Treatment may include medications such as pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, steroid injections, and in rare cases surgical procedures.

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