What is it?

A spider angioma (also called spider nevus, nevus araneus) is a skin lesion made up of a cluster of dilated blood vessels. The name spider angioma refers to the appearance of a web-like lesion, with a central spot and radiating vessels. Spider angiomas can be caused by a number of reasons, including sun exposure, old age, hormonal changes (e.g. during pregnancy) or liver disease. In most cases, Spider angiomas are not a concern, but can be an aesthetic nuisance.

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Additional names

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Signs & symptoms

Spider angiomas are commonly found on the face, neck and upper part of the trunk. Sometimes they may cause local discomfort but most often they are completely asymptomatic. A unique feature of spider angiomas is their disappearance when pressed (a phenomenon resulting from the short-term emptying of the blood vessels that form it).


A diagnosis of a spider angiomas is easily made on a physical examination by a doctor. The doctor will ask you about your medical background, looking for possible cause of the angiomas’ appearance. In some cases, blood tests will be required to rule out a liver-related cause.


Since most spider angiomas are medically insignificant, they do not need to be treated. If they are a cosmetic nuisance, there are various ways to eliminate them (for example with the help of a series of laser treatments).

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