What is it?

Skin disorders vary greatly in symptoms and severity. They can be temporary or permanent and may be painless or painful. Some skin conditions are minor, and others can be life threatening.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Dyskeratosis congenita
- Hailey disease

Signs & symptoms

Skin conditions have a wide range of symptoms. Symptoms on your skin that appear due to common problems aren’t always the result of a skin disorder. Such symptoms can include blisters from new shoes or chafing from tight pants.
However, skin problems with no obvious cause may indicate the presence of a skin disorder that requires treatment.
Skin irregularities that are typically symptoms of a skin disorder include:
* raised bumps that are red or white
* a rash, which might be painful or itchy
* scaly or rough skin
* peeling skin
* ulcers
* open sores or lesions
* dry, cracked skin
* discolored patches of skin
* fleshy bumps, warts, or other skin growths
* changes in mole color or size
* a loss of skin pigment
* excessive flushing


A patient should go to a dermatologist in order to undergo a complete physical examination and possibly take a biopsy from the skin lesion for further diagnosis


Many skin disorders are treatable. Common treatment methods for skin conditions include:
* antihistamines
* medicated creams and ointments
* antibiotics
* vitamin or steroid injections
* laser therapy
* targeted prescription medications
* biologics

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