What is it?

A bursa is a sac-like structure situated where there may be friction in the body, such as between tendons and bones. A bursitis occurs when the bursa becomes irritated and inflamed due to too much friction.
Bursitis can be classified into three types: chronic bursitis, infected bursitis, and traumatic bursitis.

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Signs & symptoms

Bursitis can cause swelling, excessive warmth at the site, tenderness, pain, and fever, depending on the type and severity.
It is common for the bursa to be inflamed but not swollen in shoulder bursitis.


The shoulder may be examined by your doctor to diagnose shoulder bursitis.
To be sure that they are not dealing with anything serious, they may also use a simple X-ray or Ultra sound


The treatment for shoulder bursitis may include activity modification, immobilization with a splint, icing, injections, aspiration (removing fluid from the bursa with a syringe), antibiotics or anti-inflammatory pain medications.
Bursitis rarely requires surgery.

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