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Salpingitis is inflammation of the fallopian tubes that mostly caused by a bacterial infection. Common bacteria are gonorrhea and chlamydia, which transmitted with sexual contact between two partners. Salpingitis is a common cause of female infertility because it can damage the fallopian tube.

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Signs & symptoms

Salpingitis can have no symptoms in mild cases. When symptoms present, they usually involve: abnormal vaginal discharge, spotting between periods, painful periods and pain during intercourse, fever, low back or low abdominal pain.


The diagnosis process of salpingitis starts with questioning you about medical history, your symptoms, and your sexual behavior. This involves asking you about recent sexual partners, whether or not they were using condoms, and known STDs (sexual transmitted diseases). Then, your healthcare provider may perform a physical examination. This includes general and pelvic examinations, and if your doctor is a gynecologist he or she may have a gynecological check. If your healthcare provider suspects salpingitis, blood tests for STDs and a vaginal mucus swab will be taken.


Treatment for salpingitis may include antibiotics to fight the infection. The antibiotics can be given in pills or into the vein in more severe cases, and may require you to get hospitalized. If the infection isn't resolved, the bacteria may be resisted to the antibiotics and you need to get another type, or you should have a surgery.

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