What is it?

Right bundle-branch block (RBBB) is an electrical heart problem, causing arrhythmias, which are irregular heart beats. The sinoatrial node is the heart’s pacemaker, which passes the electrical signs from the ventricles to the atrias. The signal goes down through two bundle branches at the same time, causing both ventricles to contract at the same time. When there is a right bundle branch block, the signal goes down the right branch slower than the left branch, causing the ventricles not to contract at the same time. This condition creates irregular heartbeat. RBBB may be caused due to myocarditis, chest trauma, myocardial infarction, right heart catheterization, changes in branch structure.

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Signs & symptoms

This condition does not cause any symptoms.


Diagnosis is usually done accidentally in an annual physical.


When there are no symptoms, there is no need to treat RBBB. If there is another heart condition, it should be treated.

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