What is it?

Sleep paralysis is when the person feels conscious but is unable to move, when moving between different sleep stages or from wakefulness to sleep. Sleep paralysis is usually a sign for not moving smoothly through sleep stages, but it also may accompany other sleep disorders. It is more common when falling asleep (called hypnagogic sleep paralysis) or when waking up (called hypnopompic sleep paralysis). It is a common condition. Risk factors may include family history, lack of sleep, sleep schedule that changes, mental conditions. sleeping on the back, substance abuse and some medications.

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Signs & symptoms

Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move usually during falling asleep or when waking up. People can have hallucinations and sensations of suffocation.


Diagnosis of sleep paralysis includes medical history and physical examination. There is no special test done to diagnose it.


Sleep paralysis is usually not treated. If there is an underlying cause such as anxiety, it may be treated. Antidepressants can help regulate sleep cycles.

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