What is it?

Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) is a rare condition which is characterized by a child’s lack of healthy bonds with their caregivers, typically due to neglect or abuse in early ages. Children who suffer from RAD may have trouble dealing with their emotions, and forming meaningful relationships. It may result due to abuse, neglect, food insecurity, not feeling safe, lack of hygiene, multiple caretakers, and inconsistent caregiving.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms may include:
-Not feeling comforted by interactions with the caretakers.
-Not showing feelings like joy or love during interactions with others.
-Avoiding eye contact and physical touch with others.
-Expressing fear or anger by throwing tantrums.


Diagnosis is based upon an interview with a mental health professional.


Treatment focuses on creating emotionally healthy bonds and repairing the relationships with their caregivers. Treatment may include psychotherapy, family therapy, social skills interventions, and parenting skills classes.

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