What is it?

Pulmonary atresia is a heart defect present at birth (congenital) that's usually diagnosed soon after birth. In pulmonary atresia, the valve that lets blood out of the heart to go to the lungs (pulmonary valve) doesn't form correctly.
Instead of opening and closing to allow blood to travel from the heart to the lungs, a solid sheet of tissue forms. So, blood can't travel its usual route to pick up oxygen from the lungs. Instead, some blood travels to the lungs through other natural passages within the heart and its arteries.

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Signs & symptoms

If a baby is born with pulmonary atresia, symptoms will be noticeable soon after birth. Signs and symptoms might include:
* Blue- or gray-toned skin (cyanosis)
* Fast breathing or shortness of breath
* Easily tiring or being fatigued
* Feeding problems


Tests to diagnose pulmonary atresia may include:
* Chest X-ray
* Electrocardiogram
* Echocardiogram
* Cardiac catheterization


A baby will need urgent medical attention once pulmonary atresia symptoms develop. The choice of surgeries or procedures depends on the severity of the child's condition.

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