What is it?

Psychosexual dysfunction can occur to both men and women when they are not aroused or satisfied during sexual intercourse. Reasons for psychosexual dysfunction may include depression, anxiety, prior abuse, stress, guilty feelings, hormone changes, problems at home or work, conflicts with the partner, pain during sexual intercouse, vaginismus, self esteem issues and much more.

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Signs & symptoms

Sexual dysfunction symptoms may vary for men and women but it may include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or not being to ejaculate at all, not baing able to reach orgasm, lack of arousal, decreased interest in sex, dry vagina, pain during sex.


Diagnosis of psychosexual dysfunction is done by listening to the patient's symptoms and medical history. Physical examination and further evaluation may be done mainly to rule out other causes.


Treatment depends on the reason found, it may include medications to treat any hormonal imbalance, depression, or anxiety. Psychotherapy may also help.

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