What is it?

Porn addiction is an emotional dependency on pornography. This dependency interferes with the person’s daily activities, social life and relationships. It is included under hypersexual disorders and is considered to be quite common.

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Signs & symptoms

The signs and symptoms are similar to many kinds of addiction.
People with addiction to pornography ignore other responsibilities to view pornography, they progressively consume more extreme pornography to get the same release that less extreme porn once offered, they feel frustrated and ashamed, but continue to do so.
They are not able to stop watching pornography although they want to stop, and spend money on pornography.
They use pornography to cope with mental health issues.


There are no conventional way for diagnosis. There are some indications to an unhealthy relationship with porn: less satisfactory sex life, watching porn in places where it is not acceptable like work, cancelling plans in order to watch porn, cannot stop watching porn even though they want to and spending large sums of money on it.


There is no specific therapy for porn addiction but some strategies may include psychotherapy, relationship counseling, medication to help treat an underlying cause and lifestyle changes.

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