What is it?

Poisoning agents which affect blood constituents, means that one (or more) of the blood components is damaged. The key components of the blood are red blood cells, plasma, platelets and white blood cells. Some cases may be caused by drugs affecting blood components such as anticoagulants, blood products, iron compounds, and in some cases it may be caused by variety of toxins.

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Signs & symptoms

Because damaging blood components has variety of symptoms, there are no specific symptoms or signs. In general, it is important to identify any changes in overall appearance and general health.


Because poisoning is caused by variety of agents, the anamnestic part is crucial for understanding it. Patients should be asked about using drugs, recent medical treatment or using toxins, and perform toxic screen from blood, saliva and urine.
To identify which blood components are affected, full blood count is needed. A full blood count tests all blood components searching abnormalities due to the poisoning.


Treatment can be by avoiding the poisoning agent, or using specific antidotes to clear it from the body.

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