What is it?

A pinguecula is a yellowish, triangular-shaped, benign growth that develops on your eye. It’s a small raised patch that grows close to your cornea. A pinguecula forms when a small bump is formed from the tissue in your conjunctiva. Some of these bumps contain fat, calcium, or both.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of pinguecula can be mild or severe. Some of the them are irritated or dry eyes. It can also feel like you have something in your eye, such as sand or other rough particles. The affected eye can itch or become red and inflamed.


An optometrist, or eye doctor, should be able to diagnose this condition based on the pinguecula’s appearance and location.


Treating pinguecula should be if it causes discomfort. If your eye does hurt, a doctor can give you eye ointment or drops to relieve redness and irritation.

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