What is it?

Phantom pain is a pain that is felt from an organ that is no longer there. In this case, pain from an amputated leg.
There is no complete agreement among experts as to what is the source of the pain. In the past it was thought to be a purely psychological phenomenon, but today the common belief is that the pain originates in the nerves of the spinal cord and the brain.
For most people these feelings slowly get weaker and weaker until they completely disappear, but for other it may never resolve completely.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Phantom limb syndrome

Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of pain patterns defer between individuals. Your missing leg may feel painful, tingly, prickly, numb, hot or cold.
You may also feel like your missing toes are moving, like your missing limb is still there, or like it is getting shorter (telescoping).
Symptoms may be triggered or aggravated by fatigue, stress, infection, body position and many more.


There is no diagnostic test for phantom pain. The doctor will make the diagnosis based on your medical history and current symptoms.


Finding the exact treatment that will relieve your pain can be complicated and tiring.
Usually the initial treatment will be pharmacological, after which alternative treatment such as acupuncture can also be added.
Additional treatments for difficult-to-treat cases may include local injections and an implanted device.

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